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Empowering the evolution of mRNA vaccines

We believe, the next-generation of mRNA vaccines will require a diverse set of new technologies improving or potentially reinventing all product aspects – the mRNA design, the composition of the delivery vehicle, new ways to administer them, and distribute them safely across the globe. At 20Med Therapeutics, we strive to develop polymeric nanoparticles (PNPs) as the leading alternative strategy to LNP-based delivery of mRNA vaccines. PNPs differ from their LNP counterparts in central biophysiological aspects like cell uptake, endosomal escape, and mRNA release, which could unlock several valuable product characteristics.

Applying Leading Biomaterial Science to Infectious Diseases

20Med’s polymeric nanoparticles represent a flexible plug-and-play technology that can be combined with different mRNA’s allowing for fast adaptation to seasonal virus strains and fast reaction times to improve global pandemic preparedness. Our goal is to extend the benefits of mRNA-based vaccines and medicines from their initial success during the pandemic to the entire range of infectious diseases.


Our PNPs have fundamental benefits as a vaccine delivery platform for mRNA vaccines, including:

  • Easy to manufacture

  • Scalable and reproducible

  • Improved thermostability

  • Unique IP position

  • Strong immunogenicity


As a first step, we have partnered with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to develop thermostable vaccines for influenza, tackling one of the barriers to wider application and distribution of mRNA-based vaccines using LNPs.


20Med Preclinical Safety and Efficacy Data Available

20Med has successfully concluded preclinical studies and generated in vivo data demonstrating that polymeric nanoparticles can efficiently deliver influenza hemagglutinin mRNA and elicit protective immune responses in an established animal model. Our nanoparticle-based vaccine program elicited strong humoral and cellular immune responses. Upon virus challenge, vaccinated animals exhibited reduced clinical symptoms and virus load compared to unvaccinated control animals.
We aim to publish the full data set in a peer-reviewed journal in 2024.

“There is a clear need for more diverse delivery technologies to unlock the full potential of mRNA vaccines."
Jaap Rip, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

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Other Applications

While 20Med's current focus is on developing mRNA vaccines, our platform can be applied in a variety of applications and deliver a range of therapeutic payloads.

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