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20Med partners locally and globally with companies and other organisations to develop RNA and DNA vaccines and therapeutics.

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20Med as a partner

The 20Med NP platform enables a broad range of potential applications, but every project has its unique set of challenges and requirements. Our team understands that it is of paramount importance to optimise each nanoparticle-payload combination specifically for the required target cells, to tissues with different phenotypes, and for different storage scenarios and routes of administration. By applying "science first" and data-driven approach, we aim to give each project the highest chances of success and accelerate projects towards clinical trials.

Existing collaborations

  • In April 2023, 20Med and Touchlight announced a collaboration to establish a novel vaccination platform that combines Touchlight's rapid enzymatic doggybone DNA with 20Med's bio-responsive Nanoparticle technology. Touchlight, as part of its funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will be able to further evaluate and determine the potential applicability of this technology combination.

  • 20Med is open to discussing similar relationships with drug development companies and healthcare-focused organisations interested in PNP-based drug delivery.

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